Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Washing Feet!

The girls love it when I wash their feet in the sink. You'd think I was giving the a massage and a pedicure at the same time. All I do is run the warm water and apply a small amount of soap and they feel like a princess!

Today Sarah called me- "Mom, my feet are really dirty."

Mom- "Okay honey are you all done playing outside?"

Sarah- "No"

Mom- okay...?

Silence... pause...

Sarah- Mom, my feet are dirty!

Mom- Are you all done playing outside?

Sarah - No, but my feet are dirty!

Mom- I'm not washing your feet until you are all done playing outside!

Sarah - Oh... okay... (giggle, giggle)

I think she was trying to get more than one foot washing in a day!

Now that you see my girls feet in the kitchen sink I'm guessin you may not want to come over for dinner tonight?

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The girls and I went to this movie. It was a cute movie! The best part if all was hearing Sarah next to me laughing!

This is her first movie that she sat through with out wanting to leave! This is the first time she sat and watched intently. This is the first time that she actually laughed at the appropriate times!

It was music to my heart to hear my girls sitting next to me giggling!

In the past she just hasn't been able to sit still, she hasn't understood the story and was unable to follow the plot.

This time it was different and it felt so good! I laughed because she laughed!

So we are giving Marmaduke a 4 star rating!