Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day at the Zoo!

We are ready for our safari!

Sarah loved feeding the goats! Anna liked watching the goats from afar!
She thought they were scary!

Sarah and Katie were loving the camera! Anna was not in the photogenic mood.

Hmmmm- a giraffe and a zebra!

The real thing!

I love the prairie dogs! All the rest of them where playing and having fun but this guy was on duty!

We went to the Zoo with the girls- Katie, Sarah and Anna! We had such a good time! The weather was perfect- 68-70 degrees and sunny! 

There is so much to see that we could never get to all of it and be in a decent mood when leaving so we just get to some of the sites and try to see other exhibits the next time we come. This time we went to the farm and the african exhibit! 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Wild Olive Girls!

Here are my two darlins in their wild olive tees!! They were thrilled to get them in the mail!! I love my tees and wear them all the time!! I don't think I'm getting anything for this post so I am just saying it because I love the tees, I love the message and I love wearing the message!! Now my two girls can wear them, too!! Praise the Lord! And it is all for such a good cause! 

Just in case you are wondering Sarah is 9 yr olds and is wearing a size 10 and Anna is 3 years old and wearing a size 4.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Full House!

Happy sisters!

A competitive game of cards!


The girls have loved having Katie home! It was a hectic household but tons of fun!  She is actively looking for a job and preparing to move into a new place with her big bro Matt! Mark is preparing to head to school in Colorado and Billy's college is thank goodness close to home. The girls love their big siblings and will miss them when they return to school, move out and get jobs. All the big kids are such a help but I am looking just a little forward to our fall schedule. This will be a special school year with just the three of us home and Johnny in High School. BTW Johnny made the Varsity soccer team and we are all so excited for him! It will be fun going to the games!! 

Next school year we will have 4 homeschooled this will be a new challenge for me- I will be begging for prayers from you. I'm not quite sure how others do it but we will figure it out somehow! 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Off to a Birthday Party!

Enjoying cake and ice cream!

A treasure hunt!

Of course this is where we would find Anna- at the sand and water table! She also loves bossing around little boys!

More treasure hunt!

Time for the pinata! "Hey can someone help me out here?"

"Thanks Mom!"

It's a swing and a hit!!

Yippee candy!!

Sarah and her treasures!

The girls were invited to a birthday party today. They had a wonderful time. We only knew the birthday girl and her family but we met many other people at the party. It was lots of fun! I met other adoptive families- which I always love and the kids we had a blast- whether it was Anna at the sand and water table with the other 3 yr olds or Sarah riding bikes, scooter, fishing for treasures or on a scavenger hunt- she loved it all!

I am thinking next year she will be ready for her own kids birthday party! Anna... not so much... we will give her a little more time!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sarah took a rollerblading class this week. She had a lot of fun and definitely improved! We wanted her to take this for safety reason and to improve her balance and coordination. The teachers were very happy with her progress!!

I love it when kids get physical exercise- she was definitely tuckered out after class! They welcomed a quiet kids movie while cuddling with their blankets in the evening!! That works for me!

I am so thankful to our dear Lord with her progress in so many different areas- whether it is a physical activity or academics! To be quite honest she is thrilled with it too!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally a Princess!

We had a playgroup with our PAC (pre-adoption class) group. It is such a joy to see these wonderful families grow! For awhile we were concerned, thinking that many of us would never get our children but God is so good and dreams do come true! We are missing the boys of the group in this pic - there is one bio boy- 8 yrs old, an adorable 2 yr old from Ethiopia and a bio little guy only 8 months missing in our pic. Whether bio or adopted all are such a blessing and all are so pre-planned by our dear Lord!

We have one very special family left in our group to get their sweet child! They are in the Korea program and I am just guessing but that little guy should be home in about 18 months! Yippee Jesus!! 

I will try to do a better job next time of betting everyone in the picture! Seriously, look at that pic, aren't they just precious!!

While we were at playgroup Sarah tried on some beautiful dress up clothes! It was so much fun for her we decided to buy some dress up clothes for our house! I held off because we were to young and too old ... I thought but whatever- let's just give it a try and have some fun! In this pic she is Cinderella (I think?)!

Her she is as Snow White! She makes a lovely Snow White! She is such a sweet blessing to our family! How did God know that our daughter was half way around the world!
Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are in a BIG bed!!

We got a sand and water table for the girls! Anna just has to get into the squishy touchy feely things so we thought she would enjoy it and I am guessing all her sisters will too! The sand and the water were all mixed together immediately. I really wanted them separated- I'm a little quirky that way so I have to turn my head and just let her play!

The other night Anna said she wanted to sleep in a big bed because she was a big girls now! We made it clear to her that she needs to stay in the bed and no getting out! I really didn't think it would work but much to my surprise she stayed in bed and slept the whole night!! 

She is sleeping in Sarah's room- which will also be Anna's room. The extra bedroom will be for our new girls. I wasn't planning on moving her this early but she was ready so we went for it! I have learned my lesson with potty training- if they say they are ready don't stop the progress!!

So far it's been for 2 nights! We better get that crib out of here before someone changes her mind!

Sarah is so excited to have Anna with her at night however she was getting used to her stuff and her space- since this family is ever growing no one better get used to their space and their stuff. It is probably good that the move happened this early because by the time the girls come home they will be very used to sharing!

One more thing- have I told you how much I love these girls! They are such a joy- thank you Jesus!