Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are in a BIG bed!!

We got a sand and water table for the girls! Anna just has to get into the squishy touchy feely things so we thought she would enjoy it and I am guessing all her sisters will too! The sand and the water were all mixed together immediately. I really wanted them separated- I'm a little quirky that way so I have to turn my head and just let her play!

The other night Anna said she wanted to sleep in a big bed because she was a big girls now! We made it clear to her that she needs to stay in the bed and no getting out! I really didn't think it would work but much to my surprise she stayed in bed and slept the whole night!! 

She is sleeping in Sarah's room- which will also be Anna's room. The extra bedroom will be for our new girls. I wasn't planning on moving her this early but she was ready so we went for it! I have learned my lesson with potty training- if they say they are ready don't stop the progress!!

So far it's been for 2 nights! We better get that crib out of here before someone changes her mind!

Sarah is so excited to have Anna with her at night however she was getting used to her stuff and her space- since this family is ever growing no one better get used to their space and their stuff. It is probably good that the move happened this early because by the time the girls come home they will be very used to sharing!

One more thing- have I told you how much I love these girls! They are such a joy- thank you Jesus!


Joan said...

I love those beds! That is the set I wanted to use for my two but so far they stay in their own rooms, most nights. Way to go on the Big Girl Bed!

Lori said...

So cute!! I love that the girls are in the same room...so fun! I always loved sharing a room with one of my sisters. Well, I didn't always love it but most of the time I did. :)

Love the girls' beds!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Cute girls in a cute room!

Jboo said...

They look so sweet together!!