Saturday, August 15, 2009

Off to a Birthday Party!

Enjoying cake and ice cream!

A treasure hunt!

Of course this is where we would find Anna- at the sand and water table! She also loves bossing around little boys!

More treasure hunt!

Time for the pinata! "Hey can someone help me out here?"

"Thanks Mom!"

It's a swing and a hit!!

Yippee candy!!

Sarah and her treasures!

The girls were invited to a birthday party today. They had a wonderful time. We only knew the birthday girl and her family but we met many other people at the party. It was lots of fun! I met other adoptive families- which I always love and the kids we had a blast- whether it was Anna at the sand and water table with the other 3 yr olds or Sarah riding bikes, scooter, fishing for treasures or on a scavenger hunt- she loved it all!

I am thinking next year she will be ready for her own kids birthday party! Anna... not so much... we will give her a little more time!


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Looks like it was such a fun party for everyone!!

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