Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sarah took a rollerblading class this week. She had a lot of fun and definitely improved! We wanted her to take this for safety reason and to improve her balance and coordination. The teachers were very happy with her progress!!

I love it when kids get physical exercise- she was definitely tuckered out after class! They welcomed a quiet kids movie while cuddling with their blankets in the evening!! That works for me!

I am so thankful to our dear Lord with her progress in so many different areas- whether it is a physical activity or academics! To be quite honest she is thrilled with it too!!


Lori said...

That Sarah is so stinkin' talented! Is there nothing she isn't good at??

Jboo said...

So cool -- how fun that they had a roller-blading class! That's the best way to learn that sport I'll bet!

Have a good weekend!

Our China Starfish said...

Good job Sarah!!

I LOVE YOU said...


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