Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally a Princess!

We had a playgroup with our PAC (pre-adoption class) group. It is such a joy to see these wonderful families grow! For awhile we were concerned, thinking that many of us would never get our children but God is so good and dreams do come true! We are missing the boys of the group in this pic - there is one bio boy- 8 yrs old, an adorable 2 yr old from Ethiopia and a bio little guy only 8 months missing in our pic. Whether bio or adopted all are such a blessing and all are so pre-planned by our dear Lord!

We have one very special family left in our group to get their sweet child! They are in the Korea program and I am just guessing but that little guy should be home in about 18 months! Yippee Jesus!! 

I will try to do a better job next time of betting everyone in the picture! Seriously, look at that pic, aren't they just precious!!

While we were at playgroup Sarah tried on some beautiful dress up clothes! It was so much fun for her we decided to buy some dress up clothes for our house! I held off because we were to young and too old ... I thought but whatever- let's just give it a try and have some fun! In this pic she is Cinderella (I think?)!

Her she is as Snow White! She makes a lovely Snow White! She is such a sweet blessing to our family! How did God know that our daughter was half way around the world!
Thank you Jesus!


Sally- That Girl! said...

A princess indeed!!!! She is such a sweetie!!! Just think when the other two get home you can have Belle, CInderella, Snow White and Mulan!!!

Lizzyf1 said...

what a beautiful princess!!!! love it. Aren't girls just fun with all this girlie stuff?


mom2eliza said...

Oh my, she is gorgeous and what a beautiful princess. How fun. Some of us girls never get too old for dress up!