Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day at the Zoo!

We are ready for our safari!

Sarah loved feeding the goats! Anna liked watching the goats from afar!
She thought they were scary!

Sarah and Katie were loving the camera! Anna was not in the photogenic mood.

Hmmmm- a giraffe and a zebra!

The real thing!

I love the prairie dogs! All the rest of them where playing and having fun but this guy was on duty!

We went to the Zoo with the girls- Katie, Sarah and Anna! We had such a good time! The weather was perfect- 68-70 degrees and sunny! 

There is so much to see that we could never get to all of it and be in a decent mood when leaving so we just get to some of the sites and try to see other exhibits the next time we come. This time we went to the farm and the african exhibit! 


Lori said...

SO CUTE!!!! Looks like the perfect day!

**Tell Anna that her call on the goats was right-on. They are pretty creepy.

Jboo said...

What fun times! That looks like a great zoo!