Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Sad...

Here is a picture of a happy little girl who just gave her Momma a beautiful flower for Mothers Day!
After 3 months this is what the mother did to the flower... bad Momma!

Obviously I do not have a green thumb- it's dried up and shriveled like the flower... thank goodness I don't care for the children like I care for my flowers! Don't worry - the children are thriving!!

Although I admire all those mom's out there that have beautiful flower and vegetable gardens- I have to come to the realization that I am not one of them. We will not be eating fresh greens from the garden- sorry Sally- you're still my idol- but I just can't seem to do what you do. (Please check my other blog for proof!) I won't be canning, pickling, freezing or whatever else it is that you wonderful crafty people do. Let me just make it clear though- I love that you guys do that- I think it is so cool!

Sorry about your flower Anna! I am happy I kept it alive for 2 of the 3 summer months!


Lori said...

Oh well,'s not your vegetables (or lack thereof) that we love about you!!

Jboo said...

I feel your pain -- the flowers aren't blooming, but the weeds sure are and are taking over in my yard!


David and Sarah said...

I love gardening, but I don't do so well with indoor plants!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Hey, three months is better than I could do in a styrafoam cup any day!!! You would do great making your own pesto with an indoor basil plant from Trader Joes!!!!