Monday, September 28, 2009

The Apple Orchard!

Our playgroup had an outing to the Apple Orchard last week. It just so happened to fall on Katie's birthday so she (and her boyfriend) came with us. The weather has been unusually perfect UNTIL that day. We got some much needed rain but it put a damper on all the other activities that were available at this awesome apple orchard!

They had chickens, goats and pony rides. There was a hayride, huge corn maze, mini maze for the little ones, apple picking, a restaurant that serves lunch and all sorts of apple treat!! Sarah was excited to pick apples but we ended up not going out to the orchards because of the rain. We may try to come again next week or it will have to wait until next year?

Anna was not very adventurous in the rain. She clung to Devan - BTW have you met Anna's new boyfriend. He is supposed to be Katie's boyfriend BUT Anna is trying to steal him! After awhile I gave the poor guy a break and made her walk!

Queen of the haystacks!

Two happy daughters and one who doesn't understand why she has to walk! And why on earth she would ever need to pose for pictures! And TRY to look happy!

This place is so cute both inside and out! It was fun just being there even with the rain!

They have an adorable store inside!

We bought apples, caramel, whipped honey, homemade strawberry rhubarb jam, pumpkin bread, apple crisp and more! It was delightful!


soontobemomof9 said...

oh my, now I am hungry! What a great place to visit!

Anna just cracks me up! I have one of those... but she is almost 10 now! And I would say Devon is a keeper! What a cute pic!

Anonymous said...

I love Sarah's outfit....too cute!

Laura L. said...

Oh I just love the top photo, of Katie and Sarah. That oughta be framed.
Great pics and a great day!

Sally- That Girl! said...

20 minutes from our home we have a place called Apple Hill. There are over 50 apple growers with shops, crafts and fun family stuff. We went up early this am to get our share of apple treats!