Monday, September 21, 2009

Half Way Around the World... In Thought...

The root canal went well- so glad that these two teeth have been dealt with and they won't cause her any more pain. We had a lighter day with school- I figured if she went to public school she'd have at least half or all of the day off. We got through 2 math assignments in the morning and after the procedure we worked on a 500 piece puzzle- she is so good at them! I love puzzles too, so it is a fun, low key thing to do together. (Sarah and Mom put it together- while Anna takes it apart!) At one point I noticed Sarah had drifted off in thought. She had a sad but peaceful look on her face. I wished I could peek inside her sweet little 9 yr old mind and see what she was thinking? Where was she at?  I watched her for awhile then asked her what she was thinking about?

SARAH- "Oh nothing" and she slowly came back to me.

MOM- "Were you thinking about China?"

SARAH- "Yes, I was. I was thinking about my friends and the people in China."

MOM- "Do you miss China?"

SARAH- "Sometimes..." 

We went back to work on the puzzle and then headed to the kitchen for a snack.

MOM- "Sarah, do you sometimes wish you were back in China?"

SARAH- "No, I like it here"

I have asked this question before and the answers vary. This time it was different. There was a quiet confidence in her voice and certainty in her answer. Sarah loves so much about China. She loves the food, the language, the music, the people. But now I think she is realizing that she can love everything about being Chinese and still live in America. It was a small little breakthrough moment.


Lizzyf1 said...

question for you Jean....have you thought about possibly bringing Sarah with you to China to get her new sisters? or is that just too much? it might be good for her to go back and see China and help with her new sisters to remember what it was like for her and just relive China without having to live there again. I hope this makes sense as I think I'm rambling!@!!!

love your posts

The Things We Carried said...

I love that you ask her the questions and leave her room to have her own answer.

We have five older children and then adopted our precious Jane from China. Can't believe she has not always been a part of us!

Our China Starfish said...

Sarah is such a special little girl! It sounds like there are some wheels turning around in her head and it's a blessing she can feel emotion about her past and begin to share these thoughts with you. Tessa is so emotion-less, so flat about anything that's happened in the past- in China or here. Can give commentary forever, but nothing with emotion. It seems unhealthy to have such neutral memories about things- both bad and good. It seems a very good thing for Sarah to be processing her memories, trying to get straight these things in her head about her past vs her present. Not that I'm an expert, but it truly sounds like she continues to move forward in a very healthy way!! Very glad to hear her tooth work went well...such a brave girl!!

Jboo said...

Glad to hear the root canal went ok for your girl! You are such a thoughtful Mom and what a thoughtful girl too!

Have a great week.


Sally- That Girl! said...

It's funny that you post this post today as the last few days Bryson randomly tells us he doesn't want to go to China ever again. This is a contrast to him crying on the airplane telling me to take him back where they don't have casts!!!

I too wonder what is going on in his little head right now. Why he has all of sudden decided that it is a good idea to stay with us forever.

I like what you said about how Sarah can be happy about everything Chinese in America.

Thanks for sharing!!!