Saturday, September 5, 2009

State Fair!

Watching the dogs do their tricks! The girls love dogs!

Our little farms hands!

Riding the tractor! Anna feels that pedaling is over rated!

Sarah is winning the race! Yes, she is a little competitive!

Sarah and Princess Kay of the Milky Way!

Enjoying some serious ice cream!

Sarah's first ride!!

She loved this ride!

Anna is loving the bumper boats!

It is so fun to bump into your sister!

In Mn the State fair is big! We had a great time! I should have gotten more pics of the girls eating things on sticks! It seems like everything is served on sticks nowadays! 

There were tons of people there- we realized we won't be coming back next year- with 4 little girls we would be sure to lose one- yikes!

We went home with full tummies and sore feet (lots and lots of walking). We were all exhausted when we got home... except for Anna who got to ride in the stroller! Sarah thinks we need to invent a stroller for bigger kids! I agree how about one for adults, too!

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mom2eliza said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Such cute pictures of the girls. They're beautiful!