Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A fun Sunday with the family!

Our church held a country days celebration last weekend. They used to do this when our older children were little. We always had such a good time but then for many years they did not have it- now it is back and we are so glad it is! We all had lunch while listening to great country music and then we were off to participate in the many activities! The girls wanted to do everything- the parents did the best they could! We left with many prizes! The girls loved it!

Of course we had to watch part of the Viking game (sorry, if you're a Packer fan). Then out on the boat before the nice weather goes away for a very long time! The girls went into the lake this time- it was a first for them! Pools are no problem but the lake was a little scary. They finally were brave enough to give it a try!

It was a wonderful weekend!  Thank you Jesus!