Friday, September 11, 2009

Being Thankful by Sarah and Anna!

I love doing thankful thursday- even though half the time I do it on Friday!  I thought it would be nice to do it with the girls. Here is what the had to say!

Sarah is thankful - 
for her second grade math and her first grade reading.
for her brothers and sisters!
for her family!
and she prays for her Grandmas and Grandpas who are in heaven with Jesus.

Anna is thankful -
for her soccer ball.
for her snowman picture.
Penny, Missy and Mia (the dogs).
for her sister Sarah!

Can you guess what I am thankful for right now!! Wow, I sure love these two!


Lori said...

SO PRECIOUS!!! I just love those little girlies!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sweet and what a great idea to involve the kids in Thankful Thursdays!

Jboo said...

So sweet!! What great girls!