Saturday, September 19, 2009

Root Canal #2

I wonder if this candy jar had anything to do with root canal #2?

We were so hoping that this tooth wold make it BUT it is not to be. It started hurting a couple days ago and we went straight to the dentist. As expected Sarah has been referred to the Endodontist for a root canal on Monday. She is on pain meds and antibiotics to get her through the weekend- poor dear. This will be here second lovely silver crown. She is very proud of her first one I 'm guessing she will be thrilled with this one, too!

We normally don't give the girls candy but with the evening soccer games it has been so helpful. We have no problem getting them to want to come to the games. I know cheering for their brother should be their main focus but come on - let's get real! Sugar can beat that out anytime! 

Ya, know how it says on ALL the referrals that the children brush their teeth twice a day... NOT!
They never brush their teeth, at least not in the orphanage. They may on the foster homes but Anna came to us with decayed teeth, too and she was in foster care. Oh well- teeth can be fixed and there are a million dentists out their ready to fix them! It is our way of adding to the stimulus package!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Marissa had 18 of 20 teeth rotten when she came home. Bryson has NONE!!!! Gio looks like he has a mouth full of decay, perhaps even worse than Marissa by pictures.

Teeth can be fixed and made into beautiful smiles quite easily and quickly!

Jboo said...

So sorry she has to go through all that. I doubt if the candy jar is to blame. Maddy already has a crown too and a number of fillings. Hope she's feeling better sooN!


Anonymous said...

Zoe's got ya beat! she has 8 crowns in her 4 short years of life! and some filling and 2 baby root canals! Gotta love the Chinese teeth I guess. We joke that it's the adoption that keeps on giving (giving up our money that is!!!).
Miss you guys!

Our China Starfish said...

Ouch!!! What a brave girl to go through all this! Praying all went well today with the latest work!!

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