Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clomp, clomp, clomp!

If you are wondering what that noise is at our house it is our girls running around upstairs in their new light up tennis shoes. They are both so excited they can hardly stand it. Honestly, they thanked me so much that you'd thought I given them a much greater gift. I am trying to teach Sarah to walk more gently on her feet but these new shoes are not helping. They just want to see them light up and the harder they stomp the more certain they are to get their reward- the lights!!

Sarah has wanted light up tennis shoes since we met her in China. I was thinking they did not make them in her size so I told her she would probably not be able to get them. I was also thinking that she is 9 and usually 9 yr olds don't wear those kind of tennis shoes. She was so thrilled when she found them- I just couldn't say no plus they were on clearance and were only $10 each- yippee!!

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Mandi said...

My kids loved the light up shoes when they were younger. I myself was not a big fan. Poor Mylee probably won't be able to experience light up shoes since we have to be careful what kind of shoes to put her in.

I love that Sarah wanted and got a pair. Too cute!

By the way, any news on the girls?

Janet said...

What's with the Chinese kids and stomping?!?!? Mine do it too=).
I'm glad Sarah is enjoying the simple, age appropriate, pleasures of life; and not trying to be Hanah Montana or some of those other not-so-wonderful role models.

Sally- That Girl! said...

$10 for a pair of light up shoes and you fulfilled a dream of hers. She may be 9, but missed that time when light up shoes were really cool so now is her time to wear them!

I have never cared for them either so the fact Bryson can't wear them I am off the hook!

Anonymous said...

Very cute that Sarah still likes light up shoes, at least she's not growing up too fast.

Sue said...

I always love reading your blogs. You always give me a taste of wisdom and enjoyment even when you are serious or bothered by something. You are a great writer and blogger and most importantly a great friend of my

tinacd said...

My kids also loved those light up shoes when they were little. There was one little girl in my 3 year old son's Sunday School class who would crawl around after him watching his shoes light up! Too funny :)