Sunday, August 23, 2009

Full House!

Happy sisters!

A competitive game of cards!


The girls have loved having Katie home! It was a hectic household but tons of fun!  She is actively looking for a job and preparing to move into a new place with her big bro Matt! Mark is preparing to head to school in Colorado and Billy's college is thank goodness close to home. The girls love their big siblings and will miss them when they return to school, move out and get jobs. All the big kids are such a help but I am looking just a little forward to our fall schedule. This will be a special school year with just the three of us home and Johnny in High School. BTW Johnny made the Varsity soccer team and we are all so excited for him! It will be fun going to the games!! 

Next school year we will have 4 homeschooled this will be a new challenge for me- I will be begging for prayers from you. I'm not quite sure how others do it but we will figure it out somehow! 

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Lori said...

Your chaotic house looks like tons of fun! But yes, you will enjoy a quiet fall schedule. Ok, maybe not quiet...

Congratulations to Johnny making making VARSITY! That is really impressive!