Friday, July 31, 2009

Dog Training!

While Sarah was training the dogs Anna was training Elmo!

We took Mia- the red head to puppy classes so she can sit, lay down and shake hands. However she did not graduate from puppy school because we neglected to attend the final class (we feared failure).

Here, Mia is demonstrating for Missy. 

We have tried to teach Missy to sit, shake and lay down - she is not a good homeschool student. We also did not have time to take Missy to puppy school. Once we got her, we quickly realized getting a puppy was not going to replace our desire to adopt. So very quickly we hopped on the adoption paper trail!

It didn't take Sarah long at all to teach Missy how to shake, sit and lay down! We were truly impressed!! Sarah's chore in our home is to feed the dogs each day around 3:00. Consequently, they love her AND listen to her! Way to go Sarah!!


Lori said...

That's great!

I love Anna's diligence in teaching Elmo. What a dolly she is!!

Sarah is so stinkin' smart!!

dray said...

Way to go Sarah! We have a kinship through our name and through our "way" with dogs. We have a golden too...that could use some further training. I may need to take some cues from Sarah (are those treats in her hand?)! Hey, we got LSC today; TA expected in 3-4 weeks. I can't wait to travel to Guilin and meet my Ava...and hope to meet atleast your Ellie too!

mom2eliza said...

woops sorry; I was in the middle of creating a blog for my hubby and left a comment under his user id (dray). That comment was actually from "me"!

Sally- That Girl! said...

That is so cool for Sarah!!!!