Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This pic should be an ad for sonlight curriculum!! Yes, we were thrilled to get the box and open up our new curriculum but it is more the case of "we just like gettin things delivered to our house" than us anxiously awaiting the new curriculum. In all honestly- I was very excited, Sarah just likes to have her pic taken! We are starting at a low level (P4/5) so our sweet girl can understand the stories. It is a new concept for her to be read too and especially for her to be read to stories without pictures. I am reading them twice and we are talking about them. I only have to remind her to listen carefully 4-5 times per story! ;-)

Has anyone lost a deck of card? I may know where they are?

Some may be scattered about in our house!

TA DA! but most of them are crammed in our printer/ copier!
Compliments of Anna!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Your TA DA was a tease! I thought you had TA!!! Not such chance since you don't have LOA yet! That's right you are on DA...Dossier Again!

Lori said...

Ha!! I thought the same things as Sally. I would be WAY jealous if you got your TA before me AND before your LOA. But seriously, they might as well just go ahead and cut to the chase and send your TA. You have proven yourself worthy of skipping past all the red tape!

Oh and we LOVE getting packages around here too! Nothing perks up a lonely country afternoon than seeing the UPS guy pull up our winding driveway! We always all run out to greet him. He has become a dear friend. Is that weird?

Lori said...

Oh, and if your deck of cards is incomplete, swing by my house because I think the rest of them are under my couch...and at the bottom of my laundry basket...and in a few books as bookmarks.

Chad and Kristy said...

We got the same box at our house;) I bought Pre K4/5 for my 4 year old Colin but have been reading the books to Anna Li. She loves it and I love Sonlight:) They were having a photo contest for Sonlight.. if it is still going on you need to send that in.. too cute!

Our China Starfish said...

How exciting! Looking forward to keeping up with how things are going for Sarah with these materials! The cards...way too cute! Of course, it's not MY printer :)

David and Janet Hurley said...

You've got to send that pic to Sonlight, even if they are not having a photo contest!!