Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Imaginary Friend!

Our little Anna seems to have an imaginary friend! We have seen her play jump rope with her friend and wait for her while walking up the stairs! She also had dinner with us the other night! It is so cute- we all have to snicker a bit! Her imaginary friend's name is SALLY!! Yep and Sally has a friend named Bryson.  Has anyone heard of these names before?? Well if you haven't - visit this BLOG

All of the immunizations that Sarah had while in Ch*na were not effective, so she has had to have them all over again. She had 5 shots in the winter - all at the same Dr visit. She did not shed a tear. This time she had 3 shots and it was totally different. My sweet little girl cried at just the thought of it, she tried to fight it and then nestled in my arms and had a good cry. You know - it just seemed like that was the more healthy (if that's the word) response. I was able to comfort her- which felt oh, so good! And then we went and got gum ( I never let her have gum) as a special treat- sugarless of course!!
If your adopting an older child from China definitely have their titers taken! Sarah's records showed that she had all the necessary shots in Ch*na, but they did not seem to provide her with the necessary immunity she needs. She has 2 more coming up in August and then we are all caught up!!

Anna also had her immunizations in Ch*na. Half of them were good and the other half we needed to redo. 

The pics are from our mini trip to Iowa. They were taken in the hotel lobby.

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Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay Anna go for the heart strings! Are you sure your mom didn't put you up to that so we could get a long layover in Minneapolis again??!?!?!

Very cute! I wish I had one too sometimes!