Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Step in the Right Direction!

One year ago Anna was sitting on the royal potty and having success ! I was very excited but did not appreciate it as much as I should have! I knew we would be going to China in the semi near future so I decided to wait until we got home- huge mistake!

I took her until 11 months later to be successful again!

I shouldn't even say this BUT I did fear potty training this cute little 3 yr old. I know I have potty trained 5 before her and it all went pretty well! Our little Anna is not one that can be easily coerced into sitting on a potty hair IF she doesn't feel like sitting on a potty chair! And then being a nurse I started to thing of medical reasons why she didn't go potty in the potty chair. After that I thought of all the psychological reasons why she wouldn't go potty in the potty chair- really us nurses just think too much!

My next step was to buy everything potty related! We have potty Hannah and her movie and teddy bear. We have numerous potty books! We have two itty bitty potty chairs and one that fits on the big toilet. We have 3 potty movies that are playing on all the DVD's continuously 24 hours a day- okay just kidding! 

I had always heard that they like the little potty best, where their little feet can touch the ground- oh no, not Anna she on the big potty and she likes listening to her potty hit the water in the toilet!! I had candy to give her when she was successful but she is happy enough with the sounds she hears!! Sarah keeps asking "hey where's the candy we get when Anna goes potty?" She figures I now owe her 5 smarties! I am saying SHHHHHHhhhhh- this is working, let's go with it!! I have promised them 2 smarties tomorrow. I'm buying her silence!

I don't want to get too excited here but I just had to share our good news with you- hopefully the progress continues!!


Flores Hayes said...
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Jboo said...

Way to go! :) Hope her good work continues!


Janet said...

I feal your pain=). Iwas gung-ho with my bio kids, both trained by 18mo. I've lightened up since then, both the littles waited until age 3. Emmi showed promise at age 2, so I sold all the cloth diapers, then she regressed, and I had to buy disposables for a year!

Sue said...

Congrats Anna.....Way to go.