Saturday, July 11, 2009

The "Brothers" to the rescue!

Little Sarah was playing with the neighbor girl and her friend. You know, sometimes kids are not very nice. Everyone has their own reasons why sometimes they don't treat others nicely. Maybe a child is a victim in other areas of their life and when given a chance they victimize others to help their own self esteem. Relationships are complicated and I really can't even begin to analyze this one.

Sarah's time is limited with peers. It is time for her to focus on family and to understand what being in a family means. Even with this limited time she has learned a lot. There are many days she decides not to play with certain kids for the rest of the day because they were mean or excluding. Sometimes these lessons are painful but at the same time they are so valuable!

Yesterday, she came inside bewildered. She was trying to process what happened and why. At one point she just broke down in tears. She hid behind the a chair and sobbed. So, as her Momma I called in the troops!! "Hey kids come here, Sarah is sad and she needs us." Mark, Johnny, Anna and her Momma all gathered around her and gave her hugs, pats on the back and comforted her. It didn't take long for the tears to subside and she decided she'd rather play with her brothers! After a little mario kart the kids went on a bike ride! A really fun  and long bike ride with her big brothers!!

I love big families!! It seems like there is always someone you can count on- and usually more than one!! Thanks guys!!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Praising God for your sweet, adorable okay handsome boys. Sarah is so lucky to have them. All my younger children through adoption ADORE their older brothers and them in return.

It is a blessing to watch as a momma!

mom2eliza said...

Jean, I'm so excited for you as you add 2 more daughters to your family. And yes, large families are great...I'm the 9th of 10 myself! Looking forward to following your blog and sharing in your excitement as we travel to the same orphanage as you to bring home our 7 year old!!! p.s. your family is beautiful.

Karen said...

So sad for Sarah's heart. How wonderful that her brother's chose to spend time with their sister. I love to see those older brothers watching out for and spending quality time with their sisters. Way to go guys!!! Big hug to Sarah as she is struggling with childhood relationships.

Michele said...

Oh! The way she is looking at her big bro in the second picture melts my heart!

Sweet times! Thanks for sharing!