Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Salon Time!

Last time we were in Florida it was quite cool so we did some different things! Both of the girls desperately needed a trim. Their hair was so shaggy on the ends.

One of the girls completely enjoyed the salon experience! She loved being pampered and cared for!

The other one was not so fond of it. She cried the whole time. Anna got 4 inches of shagginess cut off.

She had a hard time sitting still and needed to be in her Daddy's arm. Mom was too busy being the photographer! It may have helped if we would have washed her hair and removed a few of the meals that were caught in it! Oops!

It was traumatic!

But it's looking good and healthy!

Sarah loved every second of it!

After the cut they blew it dry!

And it felt so good!

They styled it!

Now Sarah's hair is healthy and looking good!

Everyone recovered and we were off to lunch!


Mandi said...

Poor Anna. At least Sarah had a good time.


Lori said...

I love it!

Poor Anna! But she will grow to appreciate a trip to the salon before long.

Anonymous said...

before you know it you'll be having Anna needing money for Salon appts, mani and pedis and just about everything else!!! I love how traumatic the whole haircut thing can be at this age.

everyone looks great!!! love your updates.

Anonymous said...
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