Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Going to school in the early 1900's!

Sarah and I went on a field trip with our homeschool co-op group. The kids dressed up like pioneers children and attended a typical day of school for children in the early 1900's! It was really fun and I could tell Sarah really enjoyed herself!

Our friend Karen had an outfit for Sarah to wear. At first she felt silly but then everyone was wearing the pioneer clothes, so she fit right in!

This is the girls cloak room. The boys had their own room.

I love the politeness and respect that was expected from the children. However life was unfair and the punishments were very severe. Our school marm did not need to punish any of the students today- thank goodness! They all behaved very well and got "A's" in everything!

We spent 2 hours learning about what school was like long ago. It was fascinating!

Then we had lunch and shopped in their old fashioned store. I can hardly wait until Emma and Ellie can come next year! Of course I had to buy them a sun bonnet so they have one! I 'll have to get working on getting some of those adorable outfits for all the girls!

We played games in the afternoon! Even I enjoyed them immensely! They were similar to some of the games the children play now.

What a great day it was!! Have I told you how much I love homeschooling! Of course our school time is getting less and less as we prepare to head to China for the girls!!


Lori said...

So fun!! We have a little school house just like that not far from where we live. I have days that I'm very tempted to enroll my children (oh if only I could!)! It would no doubt show them how GOOD they have it now days!!

Sarah is so cute. I ordered that Sonlight catalog just to see her pic for real! LOL. Seriously, she should be a model!

Nancy said...

Hey Jean! I have a old time outfit w/bonnet and apron and pantaloons if you need to borrow it next year. Hand made by family friend. I also have a dress, but whoever wears it has to be extra super dooper skinny. Rose never had a chance to wear it...

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