Monday, November 3, 2008

Bonus day!

What a beautiful day it was in Minnesota! Absolutely gorgeous!! 73 degree, sunny and with a little wind! The weather is usually not like this in early November- so we really need to enjoy it! I have heard that reality will be coming at the end of this week. We have been so preoccupied with getting ready for China that we really didn't enjoy the outdoors this weekend as much as we should have, so today after lunch Anna and I went to her favorite park!! It has been at least a month or two since we have gone there. Her large motor skills have really improved! She is climbing, sliding, swinging and even attempting the balance beam!

Getting ready for China has been a little hard on Anna. She like things to run smooth and everyday should be like the one before but instead we are busy and preoccupied with packing, planning schedules for both at home and for in China. I have told her a couple times that Momma is going to China to get her sister and that we will be coming home.  She gets to stay home in her house with her Daddy, Mark and Johnny. She loves them all so much and is so comfortable with her surroundings- her home! She looks sad when she hears I am going but then relieved that she will be home with other beloved family members.  We are planning to skype as long as it seems to be a good thing for Sarah and Anna. If it is upsetting or confusing to one of them we will do it with they are sleeping.

Anna is really into doing things herself now! She wants to dress herself, put on her own socks and shoes, put on her own jacket and hat- I am very proud of her but also realizing that we will need to leave more time to get places. They are so cute doing it themselves but it takes a lot of patience on the parents part!  

She is practicing the weeee sound in speech so swinging on the swing was perfect for her today!! 

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