Friday, November 7, 2008

Princess Party!!

Anna has been invited to a princess birthday party!! This is the first birthday party she has been invited to!! She has a princess outfit from when she first joined our family. It was a gift from her older siblings.  We put it on her today and she absolutely loved it. In fact it is still on her now and I think we will have a hard time getting it off of her! The party is for Savannah and Aalijah from our FCC playgroup. They will be 5 yrs old! I am hoping to be in China when they have the party so we thought we'd get some pics now! Daddy will be taking her to the party!

No TA, yet. We are hoping they will arrive on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday! We are still backing, preparing and hoping things work out so we can leave asap (Nov. 19th)!

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