Friday, December 12, 2008

Blessings abound!!

We are home from China with our darling daughter Sarah! Anna adores her new big sissy and wants to do everything just like her! We feel so incredible blessed by our dear Lord! It feels so good to have our girls home and together! My heart says to me that we do have one more daughter still in China and when the times comes we will move forward to bring her home but for now we will focus on our adjustments at home. Everything is moving in the right direction and it is good. We do have challenging moments and the mom of these darling girls is a bit tired but all is good!

Yesterday Sarah started ESL classes at the local elementary school, she loved it!! There is another little 2nd grade girl from Holland in the class and Sarah was amazed at her long white blonde hair. At one point she just couldn't help herself and she gently grabbed it, held it and stared at it in amazement! Sarah has made it clear to me that she wants her hair long! As long as can be!   

I am too busy to even finish a post ;-) I will add more when I can!

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Jill said...

WELCOME HOME! Can't wait to see life with your newest daughter unfold!