Friday, December 26, 2008

Doctors and Dentists...

I knew when Sarah handed my a chunk of her tooth that we would be needing to go to the dentist soon. I was hoping we could make it to our January 18th appointment but I guess that wasn't meant to be. Today after I returned from the Dr with sick little Anna, Sarah looked at me and held her lower left jaw- ouch, she said. I immediately got on the phone to the pediatric dentist office that of course, was closed today.  The dentist on call, called me back and met us in the office within an hour. What a nice man he was! Sarah did so good for her first dental visit, especially under the circumstances and we had no way of explaining it in mandarin. He checked out the situation-  both bottom 6 yr old molars are in rough shape. They have cavities and a cusp has broken off both of them. The dentist took x-rays and said they are salvageable- thank goodness!! 
He put a temporary filling in - hoping that will stop the decay until her January appt.

Anna went to the Dr is morning- she has had a fever for the last 3 days. She is on an antibiotic now, hopefully she will feel better soon. She is two for two as far as being sick on Christmas.

Both girls were exhausted and ended up taking a late afternoon /early evening nap. It was so quiet, Jim and I couldn't help ourselves- instead of waking up the girls (so they would go to bed at a decent time at night) and feeding them - we sat down, had a glass of wine and called it a date! Works for me!! Sarah was sound asleep on the couch in the family room and Anna was under the coffee table in the family room- I will post the pics tomorrow! Both girls woke up after an hour and then we had dinner- it was nice while it lasted!

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The Heald Family said...

two tired girls - I am glad you had a date:)
sounds very busy.
we are leaving for Tucson to see Daryl's parents while the rest are in Egypt.
Thanks for commenting on their blog - the girls thought it was funny you were the 1st to blog.
They are impressed with your computer skills!
It would be fun to fly up there & see you all. Maybe I can bring Lee Lee & Louisa to play.