Sunday, December 21, 2008

The missing piece to our family puzzle!

It is so much fun to have our two daughters home and together! They are such a joy! Anna adores her big sister and Sarah is so good with Anna. They have taken a few baths together and have had so much fun in the tub!! I am guessing that Sarah has never really taken a tub bath before. I think in the orphanages the kids are sponge bathed and then they move on to showers.

Having Sarah home feels so good  and so right. Even Dad has said that "she is just meant to be in our family". It feels like we found the missing piece to the puzzle and it was her. It is amazing that so many families feel that way when they adopt!

She is making wonderful progress- somehow we seem to be able to communicate. She is trying more and more english words. She called Jim, Daddy today instead of Babba. She is eating more American food- like tonight she had a margherita pizza with Katie and I. She is drinking a half glass of milk in the morning and she has even had milk with her cereal once! When ever she has milk we all show our muscles! She likes Dad's but she thinks Mom's muscles are pretty funny! The other day she had a glazed donut- she really seemed to enjoy it! She loves salmon and chicken for dinner and deli meats are great for lunch! Fruit is always a hit! The cheese on the pizza worked but she doesn't like plain cheese.

It is getting late and I need to get to bed- tonight she wanted to sleep with Mom and Dad! Katie is in her room and she still wanted to sleep with us- wow! Things are moving in the right direction! 

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Jill said...

I am on cloud nine for you guys!