Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Like Me!

We went to the play "I Like Me" at a local Children's Theatre. It is from a children's book written by Nancy Carlson. It was absolutely adorable and at just the right level for Sarah and Anna. We read the book many times before going to the play. Comprehension is pretty tough for Sarah. We need to stop often when we read to her and repeat over and over. It can wear me down but it is so rewarding when the light bulb goes off and she gets it!!

Anna did spend a portion of the play staring at the people behind us that just happened to bring a snack in a crinkly bag. She knew the sound right away and honed in on their food. This was her first play and she did pretty well!! I think we can do this again!!

In the pic above she is posing with the cast! Anna did not want anything to do with those scary looking people or where they animals?

Little miss Anna did not drink her milk (she hardly ever does) so she lost out on her chips at lunch time. Sarah and I went upstairs to start a little school work when I heard a few questionable noises coming from the kitchen! I like to think of Anna as resourceful and not naughty. I came down and the kitchen was empty but there was a light on in the pantry! Of course I knew exactly what was going on so I grabbed my camera to get a pic of "lil miss resourceful" in the pantry stealing chips! It just so happen she pottied in her pants when she heard her mothers voice. Do ya think she was feelin a lil guilty??

So I was planning to announce this to the world because I am so excited and I am sure everyone is interested (not) but Anna is potty trained! (Kind of!) 


Joan said...

We love that theatre too! What a great story about Anna ;-)

Mandi said...

I so love hearing about your girls. Anna sound so much like Mylee. BTW, it looks like we have the same taste in clothes because Emma has the same shirt as Sarah, and Mylee has the same as Anna. Oh how I love Gap.

Have a great weekend.

Lori said...

Oh the play looks like so much fun! I just love children's theater.

And Anna, I'm so with ya, girl... Chips rule over milk any day!!

And GOOD JOB on the PT! Woot!

Laura L. said...

I have caught Jadyn sneaking chips and other snacks a couple of times. I moved the snacks to the tallest shelf in the pantry. I don't know if she's been as resourceful as Anna and used her stool. She probably does all kinds of things I don't know about. LOL