Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Interesting Question!

This is the lantern that Anna made at the Autumn Moon Festival!

This weekend we went to the Autumn Moon Festival! Thank goodness for our Local FCC group- the make celebrating the Chinese Holidays easy!! There is always something planned. If it were just up to me I am afraid they would fall by the wayside. Here is Sarah getting her hair braided and then came the pink hair coloring AND the glitter! The girls loved the celebration! It was simple but fun! Of course my camera battery died right after the pic of Sarah- bummer.

They served both moon cakes and regular cake. Not too many people enjoy the moon cakes...

I was asked by another bloggy friend what Sarah remembered about the Chinese celebrations. At first she was surprised to hear that she remembers absolutely nothing but once you think about it - of course it is that way.

When you belong to a family they teach you about the celebrations. You may cook with your mother and grandmother. Our your grandfather will share stories about past celebrations. Without a family there is no one to teach you and no one to celebrate with. I do not think (and think is a key word) that the orphanage staff spends much time teaching the children. That is something we do in our culture, we are always teaching our children. I do not think the orphanage staff is educated. Sarah was not taught the simplest things- we are often so surprised at her questions. Can animals talk? Is that real or not? 

So our darling daughter came to us having tasted moon cakes but having no idea what or why they celebrated the autumn moon festival. She saw fireworks but had no idea why people were setting them off. She had no concept of time, the seasons,her age or when her birthday was. Why then would it matter to her if it was a new year?


Lori said...

Ummm, moon cakes...not so yummy. But what fun to celebrate! Cute pics!! And any celebration is made better with braided hair and glitter!

Chad and Kristy said...

I prefer Moon Pies.. it puts a little American spin on the holiday and so much tastier than those Moon Cakes:)