Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prepping for Halloween!

The girls have been trying on some costumes to see what they want to be for Halloween. The problem is when the day finally comes the kids have to wear so many warm clothes they end up being nothing other than a bundled up kid!! Every few years we get decent weather and the kids can actually be something- hope it's this year!

Just so you know I was always the kid without a costume OR not a very good one...  Sorry Mom- you know it's true. I have no other complaints about my childhood other than my halloween costumes...

As it turns out Hubby's mom loved to sew!! Praise the Lord! Our older children were saved from my fate!! God Bless her!! The kids always had awesome costumes! Usually she would surprise us- which was great with me! Sometimes the children got to pick out what they wanted! We had a bunny rabbit, pumpkin, bear, doggy, tiger, leopard, Zebra, mini mouse, pirates, power rangers and many more! Dear Lolly thank you so so much!!

I do not sew but thank goodness they have cute quality costumes in the stores now! The kids are trying to decide between a ladybug and a butterfly! We had fun trying them on! They are not going to be the same thing- we will see who gets what??


Our China Starfish said...

Too cute!!! Thank goodness also for Target always putting their costumes 50-75% off the day after Halloween. It's been a lifesaver for a couple years now for our 4 girls!! Don't miss the sale this year if you have a Target year YOU'LL have FOUR on board to outfit so you can't have too many!!! :) God bless!

mom2eliza said...

Jean, this cracked me up. I had the same complaint about Halloween as a kid (and my only complaint too). As I remember it, we were basically given a box of assorted hand-me-down "pieces" of old costumes and a bunch of paperbags (yes, paperbags) and were expected to come up with a costume from that. Mom didn't buy costumes and tho she sewed, being the 9th of 10 kids, she wasn't interested in sewing costumes anymore for the last few of us! Hee, hee. And yes, BTW, Sarah and Anna look adorable; can't wait to see what they choose!

Jboo said...

So cute!! Usually always have to wear warmer clothes over or under costumes here too and that makes it a bit challenging!