Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Okay,  others may think this is silly but when a little girl comes home at 8.5 yrs old and she cannot pump a swing, do the monkey bars, ride a bike, do a somersault or a cartwheel. In other words she cannot do anything that children her age in America can do. Instead she constantly runs into her mother, she is bumping into things and often falling (her record is 7 bandaids on her legs... at the same time!)- to us Sarah's accomplishments are huge! Seriously huge! As she has been home we have set little attainable goals and this little girls has enjoyed reaching her goals! We have had 11 months of amazement! Her latest and greatest is the cartwheel!! Yep!! That's right a cartwheel! She has been in the beginners class for 3 maybe 4 sessions and honestly there is some hope she may move up a level this next time! Woohoo! Just so you know her mom at 51 yrs old did cartwheels for her this summer! That was definitely a motivator!! ;-)

We are so thrilled for her because this is so much more than a cartwheel. It is her willingness to work hard to strive for a goal. It is her confidence, her faith in herself, her endurance, her strength and her attitude. For Sarah we could see that this is a possibility, that this may be worth the efforts. We do not know that we will feel the same way with all our other daughters. Meaning we may choose something else that better fits them? Time will tell. We will see what they are interested in! For Sarah, it has to be something attainable not something that will bring her down. For Sarah this works! 

Sarah is not in gymnastics to see how far she can get or for any competitive reason. We are doing it because it is great exercise, close to our home, fits into our schedule, she seems to like it and seems to be making progress in it... that's all. As far as anything competitive- been there, done that and not planning to do it again! (Sorry Kate!)


Lori said...

Oh wow, I LOVE your wood floor!

Ok, back on the subject...simply AMAZING how far Sarah has come in such a short time. It is mind-blowing what having a forever family will do for a sweet girl!

Lizzyf1 said...

great cartwheel Sarah!!!! and Jean...when will you post pictures of YOU doing yours???

miss you guys

mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Oh wow, that's fantastic. Great sequential photography too; very impressed! Um, yeah, Ava does that bumping into things/people too tho doesn't require bandaids yet. That's a sensory thing; needing the pressure, contact and probably a bit of awkwardness mixed in. It was really getting on my nerves when she would come running up and just kinda lean/fall into me. We've had to work on teaching her to put her arms out and softly move into someone's space for a hug. No lie, she did this running, bumping, falling onto me one day in Target and I fell down, badly hurting my tailbone and ankle. I felt like such an old-fart (excuse my language) as everyone around me gasped and watched, but I was also so mad at her. I think that's when she finally started understanding. LOL... oh kids. Adopting an older child is definitely different isn't it? You're doing a great job with Sarah.

Janet said...

WOW! SHe always looks so happy, she's beautiful. I am VERY impressed with you too Jean! I'm 42, and would not even attempt it!

The Heald Family said...

Great job Sarah!! I am not sure I can do a cartwheel. I love the Daddy and Anna nap time:) and Katie - I loved the swine flu outfit. Y'all are always out doing something fun - I think Lee Lee is going to grow up thinking she was adopted from China to live in a car seat:( We can't even get to our cabin.
the family looks great - love to you all.....Cathy