Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who Me?

When we started homeschool this fall we were all organized. Both girls had a box filled with the things they would need for school! Pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, rulers, etc. 

Since then little Anna has had a few things taken out of her special box! The scissors had to go because instead of cutting the paper Momma gave her she thought it would be more fun to cut books ;-)  The special super duper sonlight crayons had to go because the purple one fell on the carpet in pieces and well now our carpet in the school room has purple dots all over it.  The markers were put out of reach because it is much more fun to color your arms than a coloring book. Oh, you are wondering about the ruler? Well, it worker well for hitting your sister! And just in case you didn't know pencils are good for poking people!

Okay, she really isn't as naughty as she sounds but her box is empty and the family is safe! (I still let her use them, they are just too high for even our little mountain climber to get!)

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Sue said...

We have been very lucky with the scissors, but hear you on the other stuff. Anna looks so innocent in the picture.