Friday, November 6, 2009

Double Standards?

Anna is very petite. She weighs 27 lbs and is probably about 33 inches tall. Much of what goes on at this house happens at a higher height. She often wants to be carried or will stand on things to get up to where the action is! 

I would think it would be so frustrating always having to look up to see what everyone is talking about! When we see her up on the countertops we usually take her down and remind her she shouldn't be up there but it is pretty cute and she can finally see what's happening! Sometimes we let her be for awhile. Of course big sis Sarah thinks this is no fair.  (Sarah is right- it is no fair. )

If we had more little ones we couldn't let it happen at all. She is so darn cute up there we can't help ourselves- I think it's resourceful of her!! When we have Emma and Ellie home I may have a mutiny on my hands and a countertop full of kids- yikes! 

Okay, maybe she isn't resourceful... maybe it's just better viewing?


mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

That is adorable and very resourceful. Hmmm, is that why Eliza is always trying to climb on top of everything too? Is she trying to see things at our level? Anna is absolutely precious. Isn't it something how these girls all look so different, but each so beautiful. p.s. I want a tv in my kitchen!!

Karen said...

Too cute. Anna sounds like my Julia. Luckily I have nothing interesting in my kitchen:-) Well that and the fact I have 2 other ones her age keeps her off the counters. Love your counters and backsplash.