Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sarah's First Thanksgiving!

We're off!

Playing Jenga... Anna's way!

Hanging out a one of the tables!

Playing more Jenga... Anna's way!

Anna's new recruits!


Our family... for now!

All the kids... for now!

My brother and his family (missing Meghan ).

Turkey in the afternoon can do this to you!

Another one bites the dust!

More chatting!

Another game... Anna's way !

One year ago on Thanksgiving Day we were eating cold rice on the floor of a hotel room in China. We had an angry and sad little girl and a Momma to the point of tears. Katie went to get the rice and I stood guard over the door and the little girl. We have come a long way since then- praise the Lord! 

Sarah wasn't so sure about this holiday after all there are no presents and no candy- what's up with that? As it came closer she became more and more excited- after all it was her very first Thanksgiving! We read books on Thanksgiving (thank you TM) and we talked about what we were thankful for and what the day would include. What I love about this is that family being together actually meant more to her than the thrill of candy or gifts. This was a day that she and Anna loved. A day to play with a whole bunch of people she doesn't get to see that often. A day to try new foods and a day were everyone just hung out- together! 


Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh how I remember that day for you last year!!! Don't ya love looking back to see the great progress in such a short amount of time?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gayle said...

What a difference a year makes! Looks like a fun Thanksgiving for you and your family--we are a little late--the turkey is in the oven as I type!!

Many blessings to you!

I'd love a MOA visit with you--what works??

Our China Starfish said...

Happy First Thanksgiving Sarah! Looks like a fun time!!