Wednesday, December 2, 2009

She's All Grown Up!

I can't believe our little Katie has graduated from college and has a real job! She grew up too fast for me- maybe that's why we are starting all over again with the our princesses from China. 

She is a for real school teacher! I am so happy for her! The best part of all is she loves her job! Since she was the last hire she will get laid off at the end of the year but hopefully she may get rehired!? Her sisters helped her in the classroom over the weekend (kind of- the part they liked the best was writing all over the white board!)

It was so fun to see her classroom. She is working hard at decorating it and making it comfortable and efficient for her and the kids!
Yeah Katie!! We love you and we are so proud of you!! Have a wonderful school year!!


Lori said...

That is so great!! Katie looks like she will be a super fun teacher!

**I've said it before but you and Jim know how to make (and adopt!) the most BEAUTIFUL children! Katie is so cute!

_____Miss Mulvahill!____ said...

aaweee!! thanks ma!! haha :)

Nancy said...

Congratulations Katie! Many blessings to you and the children you teach.


Sally- That Girl! said...

Exsqueeze me Lori, but Katie's cuteness has already been identified by this mama and her handsome son, Justin!!!

And Katie's blog is as cute as her and certainly is following in her mother's footsteps!!!! How fun!!!!

Jboo said...

Congrats Katie! What a sweet, cute teacher! I'm sure her little helpers are delighted to assist in the classroom!