Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Update On Sarah Sent To Her Orphanage!

We just sent pictures, a letter and a gift to Sarah's orphanage through Ann at Red Thread China. I am very excited for them to see the pictures- Sarah has grown so much this last year! She is now 9.5 years old, 64 lbs and 4 feet 5 inches tall. She is growing up too fast- why do they all do that! She has grown 3 inches and gained 12 lbs in this last year! Wow!!

She has grown academically and can now read at a first grade level nearing second grade! She is more than half way done with 2nd grade math and should start 3rd grade math in March! Her comprehension has taken a huge leap both when read too and when she does the reading!

Her balance, strength and coordination are improving by leaps and bounds! She can balance on the high beam, do the monkey bars all the way across and can almost do a back walkover (we are still working on it!).

She likes gymnastics, swimming, playing, arts and crafts, and being read too! She is now in Chinese school on Saturday mornings where she is relearning mandarin and she loves it!!

Next we will be working on an update for Anna's orphanage and foster mom! 

Soon we will be adding two more princesses to this blog! Thank you Jesus!!


Sue said...

Just looking at the pictures over this past year, it is amazing how happy she looks now. She has come so far and has a great family to guide her. She will get those back walkover in no time....I know she was really interested that Monika and Katie were doing it.a

Suzette said...

She is just beautiful and what a joy to know that she has such a loving family! She looks so happy! I am considering using Red Threads to send our daughter a care package. Please let me know if you are pleased with this service.

希望 said...