Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Her Christmas Gift came in Handy!

A couple days ago Miss Anna reached up into the spice drawer and grabbed a few spices. Of course once you have them in your hot little hands you have to open them... quickly!
But if you do it too quickly they may spill... all over! We all heard it happen and said "Oh No, get the vacuum!"

So Anna ran and got her new Christmas present- her vacuum! It was so cute! We let her work on it for awhile before bringing in the big guns!

She was on a roll! After the spices she went and found the chocolate advent calendar that we had not finished! All the hard work must have made her hungry because she chowwed down the rest of the month! Very sneaky Miss Anna!

The girls made these adorable tree ornaments with our friend, Karen! They have a picture of their own face on each of them- too cute!

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Sue said...

Your Anna sounds so much like our Katie....always helping cleaning up...
Love all the recent postings...and the snowball fights and fort building....