Saturday, January 2, 2010

Had to call 911!

Today when we went out to lunch little Anna reached up onto the counter and grabbed a few things that were not meant for her. The were little sticks dipped in lavender oil. She took them out of the glass jar and they dripped into her left eye. She immediately started crying hysterically. We tried flushing it with tap water but she was so upset we decide to call 911. There is no local poison control here and we really didn't know what was in there. An ambulance came right away and they flushed it with sterile saline. She was not happy during the process but it really seemed to help her. She smiled and waved good bye to the paramedics!

The other kids were so worried about her and upset everyone lost their appetite. Once they saw she was okay they felt much better! The rest of our day went without incident, PTL!


Sue said...

Poor Anna and all of you...what a scary thing.....As I read you blog, I was thinking you were going to say she ate it or something....

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh little sweet pea.....glad it all turned out well!!!

Mandi said...

Poor Anna! I am so happy to hear that all turned out okay. How scared you must all have been.


Gayle said...

Sweet Anna! I'm glad she's OK.

AND...that so doesn't look like Minnesota :) !!

Have fun, wherever you are!

Let me know when you return and we will meet you in the cities, OK?