Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One out of seven? (So far)

Hubby and I have had 7 children so far soon to be nine- alleluia!

We have built sandboxes in many of our homes over the years BUT they have often gone unnoticed. We finally have a little one that is passionate about the sand! This little girl would play all day long in the sand- she loves it! And because she loves it- we love it!

I have been known to be a clean freak and immediately brush off the hands and feet but the Dear Lord is helping me to JUST ENJOY this sweet child as she plays in the sand! Sarah has even taken up a little more interest as she watches Anna who is so content with playing in this incredible tactile experience! What a wonderful sandbox- THE BEACH!

Again my mind drifts to Emma and Ellie- what will they be like? Will they tolerate the fact that their parents love the sunsets? Or will the want to chase the waves on the beach? Would they rather roller blade while the rest of the family stares at the setting sun? Or are they going to dig into the most wonderful sandbox in the world- THE BEACH!


Lori said...

So sweet!!

Karen said...

Jean, I'm the one from Arkansas who e-mailed you! Thought I'd put in my thoughts about your "sisters" since my "sisters" are here and have displayed an aray of likes - and dislikes. My girls had never seen grass. That's right - they LOVED to be in it barefoot. My girls had never seen snow. Cheyenne loved it - Abby was afraid of it. My girls had never had their OWN toys, only those on the shared shelf in the orphanage. They didn't know how to react at first to having something that was their own. Cheyenne still hordes and hides things after 7 years so others won't "take her stuff." My girls didn't like candy - or pop - or American food. Now their favorite food groups are chocolate, ice cream and bacon! My girls had never slept in a bedroom alone. At 10 and 14 I still find them occasionaly sleeping in the same bed. My girls didn't know anything about Jesus. Now they are baptized, learn their memory work Bible verses, and know most Bible stories and more importantly know of Jesus' love for them! My girls like blonde hair like mommy's and that's what they wanted for their first Christmas here - hair dye. My girls were afraid of dogs and especially cats. Now our dog sleeps at the foot of Abby's bed. My girls had chores at the orphanage. Chores are a lot more fun with mom helping out. My girls like to pick out their own clothes. They like girl clothes since a lot of their clothes in the orphanage was "boy" clothes. My girls like to sing at the top of their lungs and not be told to "be quiet."

They have learned so much from our family of 9 - but we have learned just as much or more from them. They had each other at the orphanage and they continue to be very close to each other. They know they have been blessed and are tenderhearted for the other children they left behind.

Emma and Ellie will share wo much with you, bring things to you from their hearts, and you will reciprocate, making them blend in with your family. Their picture shows so much in their eyes...and I'm SURE they'll love sunsets!

Our China Starfish said... Robyn would LOVE to play in the sand next to Anna, so you know if you ever stop at a DE beach, she will have a playmate!! Forget the water and anything else at the beach...she's my SAND girl!!

Sue said...

The Beach is the best sandbox there is and Anne knows it. Her hair is so long and she is looking like a big girl now.

I LOVE YOU said...