Sunday, January 24, 2010

Science Field Trip

While we were on vacation we had a little science field trip to the rookery- a wild life area in Southern Florida dedicated to the local natural habitat both on land and in the ocean. It was fun to learn about the area we were in!

Sarah fed the fish in the large aquarium. I missed my photo op- her she is after the fact!

They had a cut out area in the aquarium where the kids could sit in and see the fish from 3 angles!

The girls loved the touching aquarium! Sarah was very hesitant at first but once she say Anna holding the animals she decided that maybe they wouldn't bite after all!

This is a sea star-they are no longer called starfish. Learn something new everyday!

Honestly if Anna hadn't done it first I don't know if Sarah would have done it! It will be interesting with 2 more darling daughters- who will be the brave and who will not! I am excited to see all the different interactions that will happen!

This is a spider crab. It tickles when you hold them!

This is a horseshoe crab. It was as much fun for hubby and I, as it was the girls!

I got to hold the king conch shell because it was a little too heavy for the kids! Oh yeah- I had fun!

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