Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas!

We went to the play at the Stages Theatre- "Twas The Night Before Christmas"! I read the book to the girls ... probably 10 times! At first it meant nothing but then they became familiar with it and began to enjoy it. 
Anna sat nicely for most of the play but there was a moment when I thought "what on earth was I thinking bringing a 3 yr old". Thank goodness I brought a snack in my purse for the girls! She actually ended up doing great! Whew!

They both really enjoyed the play! It was wonderful! Auntie Barbie met us there and then we had lunch after the performance.

Anna was not a willing subject to my incessant photography so I took this without her knowing!

Sarah on the other hand loves the limelight! She was right in there with the actors and actresses!

They all really got into it- how fun! Auntie Barbie asked Sarah if she would be interested in doing this someday... AHEM, ahem... this is not in the long range plans! We just want to enjoy the shows and our children!!

Everybody was trying to get Anna to pose with them... she had other thoughts!!

We all had a wonderful time! 


Jill said...

I was just about to say I could see Sarah in the cast when I saw your next blurb! LOL!
What a fun time! I can't wait to try something like this with Lucy!

Lori said...

I love the pic of Anna...not wanting to be in the pic! Too cute and that's exactly something Lucy would do.

Looks like you had a great time!