Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Sarah has been counting down the days until her birthday for over 3 weeks! Yesterday she told everyone- tomorrow is a big day, it's my birthday! It was so cute to see her so excited for this day! We wanted it to go well for her- in the past when kids have been overly excited sometimes the end up disappointed- we didn't want that to happen on her first birthday with her new family. Sarah has told us that she has NEVER celebrated her birthday and in fact had no idea when it was.  

 When she came to us she thought she was 9 years old because in China when you are born you are one. Once she was told, she readily accepted the fact that in America she was 8 yrs old. We were glad that it did not seem to be an issue for her. Even now as she turns 9 yrs old, she makes it very clear that her Momma says 9 is still little. We both find comfort in that thought!!

We had a few people praying along with us that today would be a good day- thank you for your prayers! They were appreciated and heard! When Sarah got up this morning we had a few Happy Birthday banners up and a big button that said Birthday Girl- she wore it all day! She had fresh yummy donuts from the bakery this morning - thank you Daddy. Anna went to preschool and Sarah and I went to the MN Zoo. She loved the one on one time- it was so much fun! After that she went to ELL class and brought cupcakes. Then we had our family celebration in the evening. She knew the party would not start until it was dark out and that is when she would get her presents. She understood and accepted it! The day went smooth and she patiently waited until the evening for the party!!
Jim brought home the party balloons and she was thrilled!!  Within 2 minutes of their arrival we heard pop, pop, pop- yep we lost 3 of them right away! Oh well- I think they came to close to the recessed lights- oops! I made treat bags for the 2 girls, they were thrilled and it seemed to satisfy Anna ( she didn't go after Sarah's presents). Auntie Barbie and the boys arrived shortly after that and the fun began! 

For her birthday dinner we had- steak, mushrooms, broccoli and baked potatoes. A very American meal! She loved it and asked for seconds!! Whenever we order Chinese food we seem to enjoy it more than her- so we went for the American cuisine ;-)

Sarah loved her gifts. Her favorite was her new pink bicycle! She rode it all over the house tonight- and was surprised to hear it is an outdoor toy. Tomorrow it will leave the warmth of the inside never to return again- yes, the bike is banished to the garage! Thank goodness it is supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow- I am guessing this family will be playing outside!

After dinner and gifts, it was time for cake and the traditional Happy Birthday song! She was thrilled with everything! It was so enjoyable celebrating her birthday- in fact it was refreshing! This dear girl and no expectations. She had nothing to compare it to- she was thrilled with everything we did and would have been plenty happy with a whole lot less.

Thank you Jesus!


Chris said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! What a lovely day! And special for Mom and Dad, too.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah! It looked like a perfect day. And yes, 9 is still little. :)

Today we celebrate our Kate's 2nd birthday~ her first with us. At our house birthday celebrations are all about family. I thank God that Sarah and Kate's birthmothers chose LIFE and that WE are the ones who get to celebrate with them.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sarah! I am so glad to hear she had a great time! You are so right that our kiddos come with no expectations so what we do for them is always the best!!! I have learned a lot from my older adopted children.

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I love your new bike it is so cool! I had to laugh at the temp. being in the
40's so you would have to go out. We live in the South and my children wouldn't go out in 40 degree weather, it is too cold. How funny!