Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Too Stinkin Cute!

Although our precious daughter, Anna has always been adorable, lately she has been exceedingly adorable! She is talking constantly and of course has not mastered all the letters and sounds- which means that everything that comes out of her mouth is so precious! The other day we were singing in the car and all of the sudden Anna says "No, No, No, one more time. All together now!" She had to have gotten that through her 2 days at Montessori- but it was so cute hearing a 2.9 yr. old say it!

Since there is a good chance our little peanut will always be our youngest we are trying to enjoy every moment of this cuteness! She is exceeding our expectations! 

The girls are getting along so nicely- it is so much fun to watch them play together! They are giggling, crawling all over each other, singing songs and running around together! It is just so stinkin cute!!

Anna has developed quite the sense of humor and she is smiling more often! With her cleft lip- I noticed she wasn't smiling as much as our other kids did at this age. Sometimes her little smile is a bit cock-eyed but adorable at the same time! Now she has this cute little kitty cat smile and her beautiful eyes turn into quarter moons! Just so you know capturing that smile with a camera is close to impossible. It is spontaneous, it is quick and then it is gone. When it is gone is just about the time my camera flashes- darn again! I will continue to try to get adorable pics of our sweet little Anna! What a precious gift she is! Thank you Jesus!

She still has no interest in the potty but that will come in time... we hope! We will keep you updated  regarding that issue! She turns the big 3 on April 2nd!


Lori said...

Anna is simply adorable!! No worries on her being potty trained...Lucy isn't yet either (and she's already 3)! **sigh** And we see no signs of progress in that area except that she WILL go poo on the potty, which is WONDERFUL!!

Nancy said...

Sweet pictures. It's almost like Sarah gets to be a little kid again, with Anna showing her how kids are supposed to play. And Anna has Sarah to show her how to laugh and learn and figure things out. Pretty neat!