Monday, March 2, 2009

History in the Making!

Since Jim did not travel to China, we need to adopt Sarah in our state- so her adoption is recognized and official. We are in the process of doing that now and it should be finished within the next month. I am so thankful that this precious little girl is ours- we love her so much! It amazes me how perfectly God's timing was - we got the green light to proceed and there she was! It wasn't our intent to adopt an 8 yr old but a sore back from carrying a little one (me), a few sleep issues by the little one, more info out there on older child adoption, and a precious little 7 yr old face looking at us- that was all it took and we switched directions!! Thank you Jesus! She is a perfect fit for our family- I am so grateful that she is our little girl! All the older kids adore her and even Johnny is enjoying his sister at home in the evenings! She really looks up to him and loves to laugh with him!

Thursday is a big day- it will be her 9th birthday! She is counting down everyday and can hardly wait for it to come! Sarah has been with us for a little over 3 months now. Her adjustment has been relatively smooth. She has a wonderful sense of humor and spending my days with her is a joy! I have a few hours on Wednesday to myself- my friend Karen comes over- she is with Anna in the a.m while Sarah and I do school and then Sarah joins them for play and lunch- while mom sneaks away! The few hours away always feels so good and refreshing but I am very excited to see the girls when I come home!

The girls went to the wedding but not the reception. We felt like it might be overwhelming for them and the day into the night would be too long. So Karen stayed with the girls while we were at the reception. When we were in the church we sat in the 4 row and then decide to move up a row- our little 8 yr old sweetie started climbing over the pews in her pretty little dress- we caught her before she got to far and encouraged her to walk around! She loved the wedding! Anna on the other hand saw the bride walk down the aisle and then Jim wisked her away- she is not the quiet kind a girl in a church. She never lasts long! In the picture here- you see her making a pledge ;-)

I just need to share this last bit of info with you- are you ready???? For the very first time EVER Sarah and Anna are downstairs playing- and I am on the main floor. "History in the making"- a break through moment! Hubby just came home and said "Why is it so quiet? Where are the girls?" Gotta go and enjoy this!! oops, here they are- already over ;-)

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Lori said...

Well shame on me for never stopping by here!! I love hearing about your girls so I will add myself to your "followers" right away!

Love you,