Friday, February 27, 2009

Ferndale Academy!

Our homeschooling is going very well! We have 2 students enrolled in Ferndale Academy! They are smart and adorable girls! Sarah is doing very well on her 1st grade Saxon math! She seems to like it and is proud of how well she is doing! I really like the saxon program, although we don't do absolutely everything in it (because it could take a good portion of each day)- it is very thorough. It has many concepts that she needs to learn that may not be in other MAth programs- such as distinguishing between morning, afternoon, evening and night; discussing more and less, and early word problems, (etc).  It is repetitive and builds on previous lessons! We love it! She is on book C from Explode the code and I have already ordered book 1! We are doing a little HOP and Before Five in a Row. We will start Rosetta Stone english, soon... I think? The girls are now enjoying being read too! That is huge progress! It is one of my favorite things to do!

We are working on our last name- I think she's got the spelling down! The days of the week, the current month and our telephone number!

Anna loves to be in the school room with us! She colors, looks at books or finds something to get into! What a blessing these two girls are to this family!

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