Friday, February 20, 2009


We went to a gymnastics gym with our playgroup today! The kids loved it! It was all set up with tons of things to do- trampolines- about 9 of them, jumping pits, balance beams, rings to hang from and rings to swing from, bars- even and uneven, forts, mazes- tons of large muscle activities! The kids were in heaven and ran from one activity to another! They seemed to like the trampolines the best!
After that, the group went over to MacDonalds and had a nutritious lunch- okay- just kidding- but we got food and hello kitty watches in our kids meals!! It was lots of fun for everyone! Sarah seems to be improving with interacting with the other kids! She talked, laughed and played with them! Anna also seemed to do better with interacting with the other children! hurray! I actually got a chance to visit with the Moms!

It is good for the girls to be home! We had a wonderful time in Florida but the do much better in their home environment! It feels very good to be home!

We saw my sister in the airport. Sarah did not recognize her. We also have had a few situations where she had no recollection of something we did or something we told her. I have heard that adoptees often forget many things from the first 2 months. I read it somewhere and others have said that it happened to their new child, too. I have know idea why but I wonder if it is not because this is such a life altering event and rather traumatic. Plus, they are learning a new language and forgetting their old language- huge transitions are happening right now and even though everything seems so fine it is still a huge adjustment for them. So today again - Sarah just learned that the children we meet with for our playgroup are all from China. She was thrilled- just as she was to relearn that Anna was also from China!

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