Friday, February 13, 2009

Anna? From China?

Wow! The English is coming along so fast!! Sarah always speaks in English unless she is singing a song from Dance and Learn with Mei Mei.  For about a week I thought we were getting stagnant with language but then she made a huge big leap forward. It is so exciting to watch her language grow and to be able to hear the improvements in our conversations. So many people cannot believe she has only been home for 10 weeks. IF the language barrier is holding you back from an older child adoption- don't let it! It is easy and fun!! The kids catch on so fast! I love having an 8 yr old soon to be 9 yr old!! 

Both the girls love singing nursery rhymes. They usually have a little argument over who gets to sing and which song they will sing. Anna usually wins because Sarah has a kind heart and doesn't want to upset Anna. We are working with Sarah on sticking up for herself. She can sing what ever song she wants, whenever she wants too! At the same time we do appreciate her consideration of her sister- so we are trying to teach them to compromise and let Anna know she does NOT always get her way.

It has worked out so well having the things we have for Anna- Sarah loves trying out the younger toys, seeing the lights flash and the way they make noise. I think it really helps her developmentally. This is a stage in her life that she missed.

Tonight in the car we were talking about sisters. Sarah feels a little bad for not having been in my tummy.
 She said "Sarah from China" 
yes honey you are from China! And so is Anna!
What? Anna? Anna not from your tummy?
No honey, Anna is from China, too!
I like China sister!
Do you want another sister from China?
Yes!! I like China sisters!
(Good, because that's the plan!)

Wow- she felt much better! It was so cute! She wants so much to have a history with us, she was relieved that Anna's time with us wasn't much longer than hers so far! She wants to see the pictures from when we were in China picking up Anna. Tomorrow we will do that!

In HS we are talking about the dates and the weather. Dates are a difficult concept. I don't know how they did that in China but it seems like she just doesn't really get it. Maybe they didn't talk about what day it was - maybe all the days were the same? I don't know? Sarah is just now becoming aware of the weather - sunny, cloudy, snow or rain? I don't think she ever new that if the sun is not shining it's because a cloud was in front of it, blocking it. Such simple topics we all take for granted! Doesn't everybody know that- I guess not! But it is sure fun teaching her!

Tonight- they sky was clear and she saw the stars in the sky- she was amazed at how many there were and how bright and pretty they were!
What a joy these children are!

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