Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another day in our life!

Well, I want you all to know that this blog has won an award! Yes, thank you very much! I will be fulfilling my duties with the award on my next post- but for now I will update you on our daughters!

Sarah wants a bicycle for her birthday (with training wheels)! They have one at speech class! At the end of the lesson she gets to ride it!! She was so thrilled to show me how she could ride the bike!

Sarah has started her swimming lessons and she did great!! I was thrilled- head under water, kick, kick, kick and she relaxed and did he back float! Of course she did spend a good portion of the lesson bargaining with her swimming teacher- if I go under- you go under. How many more minutes of this- 5, 10, 1?

When we were driving home I heard her say "What's that for? Baby soccer?" I am thinking what on earth is she talking about? Am I hearing her right? then I looked to my left and there were some green houses ;-)  She has been going to an indoor dome for soccer- so don't you think a green house is a perfect size for baby soccer!! That was cute BUT  I had to let her know that they were for beautiful plants and flowers and that in the spring, when the weather was warm, we would go there and see them!

I did catch little Anna with the camera! She was running around the kitchen laughing and happy as can be! What a blessing these girls are to this family!

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Our China Starfish said...

Thanks for the blog award! Sarah looks like she continues to do so well. What a special girl! God bless!