Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last night we started gymnastics. The girls were very excited to start gymnastics! Sarah had a lovely leotard on and Anna... well, she didn't... have a lovely leotard on. Sarah spoke often of her lovely leotard and was quite surprised that... Anna didn't have one. Anna was a bit oblivious to the leotard issue but not Sarah- she was as proud as punch to wear something so pretty! She spent a fair amount of time looking at herself in the mirror before and after the gymnastics lesson. 

Anna's lesson started 15 minutes before Sarah's and Mom needed to be with Anna. I had no concerns going into the lesson but once we were there and Anna saw all the things she could play on she no longer had any interest in the teacher what so ever. As Anna consistently wandered away and was adamantly not going to sit on the pretty yellow star my mind drifted to Lucy and her dance lessons. I wanted to run and get the camera but I don't think others found it so adorable and as amusing as I did- so leaving "the wanderer" and getting my camera was not possible.

At one point a little boy sat very close to her- she looked at him like "excuse me, who are you" he looked at her and blew a big raspberry in her face. She was appauled, flustered and disgusted with this little boy. As soon as she calmed down she looked him in the eye and very loudly said "NO BOY"! She repeated herself numerous times in efforts to get her point across. I have many boys so it wasn't to big of a deal but inside I did say to myself- yeah Anna!

The rest of the class went well as long as we kept moving and Anna spent time climbing. balancing and rolling frontwards and backwards! After class as we were waiting for Sarah's class to finish, the same little boy pushed Anna- he was her size but 10 months younger- she burst into tiny tears and again I could see her frustration building- very loudly she said... again... NO BOY. A couple people chuckled and one mom said "you go girl!" 

There is no messin with my 27 lbs soon to be 3 yr old!

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